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I made a game with your assets!!

You should check it out in m

y account called "Bat Crawler"

I saw this set in some tutorial and immediately started hunting for these tiles, they are BEAUTIFUL. The colors just steal my heart!

I hope y'all don't mind, I saw these awesome assets and am using them in a game. if you want i can post a link here when the game is done.

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I made a dungeon platformer games using free assets, this really helped set the environment!

Dungeon Platformer

thank you for making it free

Thanks for the awesome tiles, Žel! I've used them in my first ever game jam entry, a 2D physics platformer called Gravity Unlocked.

Really awesome and cool

Awesome packs! Thanks for sharing them. I love your work, well done.

Thank you, very much! 

Nice assets I will use it credit you thank you.

Thank you! Looking forward to see what will you create with it.

Very cool titleset!

Thanks, keep an eye out there will be more cool stuff being added daily!

Sure will! Also map 2 is my favorite one.