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Hello! I’m planning on using the tile sets in my first game. I’ve added some additional tiles and items, could I upload it an make available for free? I have modified 95% of the tiles/items, so it won’t just be a copy of your tileset :)

Hey guys,

I used your tileset for my first game, check it out if you like :D

What a beautiful tile set! Thank you for sharing this with the world. I've donated and I hope others do to so you can keep making this wonderful artwork.


Hi, I absolutely love this tileset and was wondering if I'm okay to publish my edit for it? I loved working with it and couldn't help but expand it for a project I'm working on!


Hi, I published my edit! I hope you love it as much as I loved making it!

oh! I had the same question. Did you ever hear back from the creator?

I did not, but I credited them in my assets

Thank you sir! I just used it for my first game. Check it out:

You're in the credits (die 3 times and you'll see it).


I used this Artpack in my game Keep Your Cool for the 70th Trijam, a 3 hour GameJam.

Check it out, if you want. :) 

Hi! Just wanted to say thanks because this set is awesome. I've used it in my new game Blockels.It's still very much in development but i'd love to know what you think.

Love your work!


These are amazing, thank you. I was looking for some cute sprites/tilesets to use in a Sokoban Level Maker I've been working on, and I think they are perfect.
It's still early days, but here's a short clip of what I have so far. Hoping to get the sprites animated soon!


Awesome job! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Beautiful set... I need R G B + black for NesMaker use.

Wow! This is beautiful set, I love it.


Oh, this one is really cute! Bookmarked for an upcoming gamejam project.. :-) <3

Thank you! Good luck on the gamejam! Please share your creation with us. Cheers!